Saturday, 11 May 2013

Poetry is Timeless

I despise the waiting - But I am rather going to use today's post on poetry. There is much to be said about classical poetry and the various groups such as the romantics but for those who aim to write poetry in the future there are various tips of my own experience that I can share with you. Firstly form. The form of a poem can very and an example would be E.E Cummings. (Look him up) You may find that the words you need to say can be integrated,referenced or emphasised by there position within the poem so due consider it.

Secondly look at the word choice, I have noticed a lot of want to be poets that have started using raw emotion in there poems. The use of emotions within a poem is not the problem but that it needs to be conveyed poetically rather than in a rant or story form. Look to central themes for comparisons, all kinds of advanced storeys can and should act as an antagonist pair to what is being said. Poetry is no more than words on a page so visually it needs to have an impact on what the reader see's. The use of emotion can then be highlighted by touching on the senses of the body. Lean the reader in by assimilation, if they cant relate it makes it harder for them to connect to the poem and the more advanced comparisons.

Eg of my own poetry:

 "So quicken at the world and its plentiful store
And the ageing of sands be made into pearls" - Ronald Gary Nel

Look at the words that I have chosen to display two separate storeys 
 1 The visual of pearls forming
2 The relation to time in that you can turn your time on earth into a beautiful thing, that your time had value.
3) I have even mentioned not to waste your time and that the world is full of wonders, alter referenced by pearls. 
4) Visual nature of work - World, plentiful store,ageing,sands, pearls. -A poem needs to be visual.

Hope this helped.

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