Sunday, 5 May 2013

The start

Today is the start of my blog, it's going to be a fan page maybe or even just a place for me to post my thoughts on everything, my writing, Red Vice gaming - The works. 

So Lets start by saying Hello. My name is Ronald Gary Nel and over the last few weeks iv been spit balling idea's with friends and anonymous individuals of varying degrees of composure about character development, story boards and even where or how to start writing. So Iv been asked as to how to write a novel. I can't say I did not prepare at all. I bought a book. Filled the first couple of pages with idea's about the main character, descriptions, visual appearance, his nature and the little things like relations to others, who were those others? Then lastly I built a time line that had points. As I wrote I quickly learned you tend to have a new focus every two fifty words and that the time line above all was the greatest help in writing. So my best advice, although some may get by on pure adrenaline (or Red bull), is draw up a timeline of the start and the end. The middle is for creativity and your own unique style to grapple with.

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