Thursday, 9 May 2013

The storm

I am still in the search for an agent and the nature of finding one is unbelievable. What it takes to find a literary agent is firstly a lot of luck. You can read as many blogs and reviews about literary agents, polish a flawless novel some more but unless the agents you query are absolutely to die for in love with your work there is little chance that they will ever send a request to see more. That being said, it is a competition, your trying to get them to favour your work over others, other writers, that raises the odds against you off the bat but it comes down to determination. It may take a year, 3 to finally perfect the query letter you wrote out, think back at the amount of times you edit your work, your query will receive just as much attention and in the end when you finally get that call back you will be elated with joy, enthusiasm and revitalised, for then it will be worth it. A writer never writes for himself, he writes to be heard, he rights to share a story, an experience or even the absurdity of his own mind but he will never write to please himself.

There is also a common myths to writers, you need to be smart-False, you need to be passionate - true, you can write for money - False, You intend to make Harry Potter 9 - False - A writer is wise - True, A writer is     humble- false. A writer proper writer is an adventurer by my definition. They explore everything and nothing for a laugh and tears. Writers are just a mass of idea's. Writers are the storm. 

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