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Tick... Timeless poetry collection

Saturn (mythology)
Saturn (Latin: Saturnus) was a god in ancient Roman religion and a character in myth. Saturn is a complex figure because of his multiple associations and long history. He was the first god of the Capitol, known since the most ancient times as Saturnius Mons and was seen as a god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodical renewal and liberation. In later developments he came to be also a god of time. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age of abundance and peace.
Stolen Tock
Tick...tock... tick...tock...tick...
"Martha, the clocks broken again. Martha!"
"Coming Mr. Saturn, you’re looking rather well today"
"Yeah, really because that's what they all say, 20 years ago I still had a full set of hair and my own gosh damn teeth"
"Come now Mr. Saturn, you’re in a great condition for your age"
"At least I outlived that wretched clock"
"But it was a gift from your wife"
"And time stole her from me too didn't it... Martha on second thought leave the clock broken.”
"Yes Mr. Saturn"
Heart through the ages
Let me not fritter away like love that hasn’t arrived
 Away as the sands that through your hour glass spills
And bury what heart that hath in fact surely survived
Or gather in the gloom or in the sullen stills
The yearning youth of your bravest years and best me
For until then I as the antebellum shall remain
As the oceans lonely barrage and waves of the sea,
The memories of lost lover’s brush and day dreams pain
 So forget my existence, fear me no more
than The reap of tomorrow and silvery curls
 So quicken at the world and its plentiful store
And let the aging of sands be made into pearls
 Let me not, held in contempt, be driven
 I am the gift and you choose what is given

Time makes fools of us all
   July 21 1969
 To Julian Saturn
Dear Julian, the world is changing so quickly. It was not but yesterday that they launched the first manned rocket into space. As I write to you by now I am probably on board a ship crossing the Pacific. It’s hard how less than ten years ago the television was still a stream of electrical ink that would move with its own madness. How it’s already been 20 years since I was stationed in Guadalcanal and most of the men I would drink with into the early morn have hardened into cantankerous old men like myself and got hitched on a chance we’d never make it out. I miss those days; the simple times that brought people together, I may not have aged well or wised up to the new confounded contraptions of the world, but my life has been an adventure and I have reaped the fruits that I have sown.
Hope to see you soon
Mr Saturn
The boys of Guadalcanal
All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day. You had a bad day once. Am I right? You had a bad day and everything changed. It wasn’t your choice though now was it. That little wall lurker that chimes back and forth, he’s the one that makes it all up as we go along. He calls the shots. Speaking of which would you like a glass?”
“Yeah, you got to stop hogging the bottle Roday, we don’t got much left and I’m dammed sure it’s what’s helping us pass time in this dammed jungle. Listen to you going off your rocker. We are here simply because of circumstance and our own choice, nothing more.”
Day dreamer
Dear diary
Not much happened today, I sat down in the comfort of my office chair, l worked for 6 hours, maybe a bit less with slacking and coffee breaks. I fear I am bored. Something’s missing. Maybe the milk was off or the familiar smell of that cheap carpet has finally got to me. I can’t quit nail it to the wall but it hangs around like the names of all those people I helped process mail for like J.Johnson and R. Saturn.  Busy people with busy lives. I sometimes wonder what these people are doing with their lives that someone wants to hear from them. It makes me consider what have I done with mine, why am I not writing letters to someone? Then again I think it could have just been the milk that’s upset me.

Wuthering sands

“Just shut up and kiss me!” she said
                                  Trickled down her face.
“Don’t cry Julian” he said
                                             Carefully wiping
                                                             The pain from her face
I’ll be back from Guadalcanal in a few weeks
 we won’t be                                apart                               we will be
She smiles silently. By
                       The time you return                                

                                                                                               I will be gone

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